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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy meal!

I might or might have not mentioned that I don’t like cooking, that my kitchen is only for me to make coffee. And even that one is just an instant one, mind you. Not the type that requires me to fill grounded beans into an espresso machine. Nothing. Needless to say, I am quite (subtly speaking) disastrous when it comes to kitchen/cooking part.

But after years of eating out (which started when I was a student), I feel somehow my taste buds has been wipe out. I’m not saying the shops are selling bad stuff.

So this morning I prepared my lunchbox which consist of very simple dishes: a stir-fried sawi with tofu and fried egg. Anyway, I don’t like greens so I finely chopped the sawi. Now I don’t have to chew it a lot, do I? But I think the vitamins leach this way faster during cooking, someone please tell me about it.

And because I can barely contain my excitement (of making a successful edible meal), I skyped Whoelses this morning – just to announced it! I almost laughed at myself too when she said: “wah! nak jatuh kerusi!” Then it hit me:  How I wish I can share my lunchbox with her (to Whoelses: pork-free, ya?) because I used to “steal” hers.

Happy eating!

P.S.:  Missing my old colleagues  :(((((  You girls are wonderful!