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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Facebook & English

No wonder my boss was complaining to me that "The English standard in Malaysia is very horrendous, really!"  I dare not to comment about it because I was supposed to do what I was hired for, not to have a chit chat with The Boss.  Besides, my command of the language is comparatively weaker than The Boss.

While checking the Facebook today, much to my amusement, I found this:

Wasn't it supposed to be: Anonymous is attacked by varicella-zoster?  Please right me if I'm wrong.

Bear in mind that it was posted by an educator (I might not be making a big fuss about it if it was coming from people of other professions).  If I'm a parent, I'll be terrified to know that my kids' teacher made a grammar mistake in his/her Facebook status!!!  What would you expect from the classroom?!  Horrible!!!

Although you might argue that Facebook is a free place to express oneself (no one care about the grammar & stuff), yes, I agree with that.  But...  But...  I'm still bothered if a teacher uses bad English.  Really.