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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Movie talk

Whoelses suggested that we go watch Angelina Jolie's latest film, Salt for the coming weekend.  She said the movie trailer looks yummy (oh, that's my words, she didn't exactly said yummy).  Being in the absence of TV, I am totally out of touch with the latest movies/series and the likes.  So friends like her will tells me what is nice and whatnot, although it is not like we share a same taste all the time.

I am not Angelina's fan (and no, I'm not Brad Pitt's or Jeniffer Aniston's fan either) so I don't really follow her movies.  But I do want to watch Changeling (2008) which I have to say: "no, I haven't watch it yet".  Haha!  It is not the only I-haven't-watched-and-I-want-to-watch-it-someday movie.  There are lots more but after some times, I tend to forget about it.

Now that I mentioned it, I actually didn't realized when I started to feel normal without watching TV or going for movies (especially the hot ones which got people raving a lot).