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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It is about me, not you!

I went to check out the current promotions at two health screening laboratories last week.  Here are the conversations between me and the labs staffs.

PoopyLousy (PL)
Me: I want to do the basic health screen. 
PL: (immediately pull out a promo brochure from shelf) OK. You do this RM1400 package for your partner and you. With this package, the two of you get to do a health screening at our lab once a year for the period of 4 years. You can choose selected supplementary tests at free of charges (started to explain in a bullet-train speed of each test).
Me: Oh, no. I just want the most basic one for only myself (referring to the RM260 promotion package).
PL: Look. If you take this package (RM1400), it means you only need to pay RM350/year or RM175/person/year which is more worthy than the RM260. In fact, you can pay in instalment with Bank X, Y, Z.
Me: (already lost my attention and patient) Let me think over it and come back later.
PL: (looking disappointed) OK.

BeanPinkie (BP)
Me: I want to do the basic health screen.
BP: OK. (She started asking me what kind of screening I’d done before, what I want to do next, suggested few screening I might want to consider, and explained why I need it.)
Me: OK. Do you have any discounted rate for these tests? 
BP: Yeah. (showed me their Merdeka promotions)
Me: I think I will take this RM150 package.
Then the girl started to process my personal details and all. As simple as that.

Thank you for the pushy attitude from PoopyLousy’s personnel who successfully ‘chased’ me away or else I have to pay extra RM110 for a similar range of tests I can get at Lab BeanPinkie (only RM150).

But it is not the price range that really drove me out of PoopyLousy in the first place. But it is because PoopyLousy is more concern whether I’ll sign up for their 4-years package. They didn’t even ask about my current health or history. Not even once!

At BeanPinkie, the staff managed to answer my queries and conduct the whole session smoothly. She never suggested to me to change my package into a higher price. I feel like my health is their priority rather than promoting sales.

I think that if you make a customer feel that you are very concern about getting their health screening right, you will have no problem getting them into endorsing your service for the subsequent visits.

But, but… If all that you talk is about you wanting me fork my money into a service that you don’t even bother to explain to me, then I have to bid you goodbye! Good luck into trying to convince others. I won’t even bother to visit you next time. Yes, one rotten apple spoils the bunch.

Ooh, I blackout when my blood sample was taken.  But that is another story.  ;)


(#_#) said...

did they took too much blood out of u??
the other day our converse of line.
wat happen next??

Sprinkled! said...

LOL! the test tube x sampai half pun!
masa nurse ambil darah, we were talking and suddenly everything blurred.
have to come another day >.<"

Whoelses said...

Apa la.. take mine.. want? i even got hi blood pressure.. for sample, no hal la..hehe..

Sprinkled! said...

haha! i was surprised at myself. read one article mentioning that when blood pressure drop during sampling/donating, you get dizzy and/or fainted (in my case, i got both!!!).

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