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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Skinfood’s Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF 20 PA

I stumbled upon ParisB’s entry about BB Cream (BB stands for Blemish Balm) which prompted me to give a review on this particular BB cream.

I just started using Skinfood’s Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF 20 PA in May’10, that's about a 3-months period. The reason I’m experimenting with this BB cream is because the previous foundation (Clinique’s Superfit Makeup) made my face super-oily just after 3, 4 hours of application! It claimed to be oil-free, even the salesperson said it is suitable for my skin type (combination, sensitive & occasional breakout).

This is now my BFF!!!
Photo taken from:  Skinfood

At first I was sceptic about it, or, I should say, about the BB creams in general. But after doing my homework (reading the brand reviews from the other users), I headed down to Skinfood counter. Although I have clues of what I was looking, I still asked the young girl for recommendation. It won’t hurt to get other opinions although they might be slightly biased (i.e. need to hit a sales target).

The verdict:
  • The color blends well into my tanned complexion, although Clinique’s gives me a more natural/nude finish. Also, the cream is thicker compare to Clinique’s, which is more watery and easier to spread on the face. Maybe this dry/thick texture is what giving me a matte-look, but I don’t feel my skin is dry anyway.
  • The matte look remains until I leave the office at 5.30pm. All I have to do is just blot my face using one blotter to appear all-fresh again before heading out. While using Clinique’s, I have to blot once around 10am, one time after lunchtime, and another blot after office hour. The oil blotter company might be happy because I’m using more, but I’m definitely not a happy one.
  • It was cheaper than my unfinished bottle of Clinique’s too. Although I won’t mind splurging a little extra if the product suits me well.
  • It comes with an SPF 20 PA. Although I wish it is slightly higher, maybe at 25 or 30, because the sun is so unforgiving!
  • It has quite a strong smell of aloe vera and sunscreen. And I’m not a huge fan of fragranced stuff so I favored something non-fragrance like Clinique’s. So far it didn’t give me headache (yet), I hope it won’t!
Did the BB cream suit me? Yes. It worth the effort of a lazy person like me and save my money too. I since skipped using day moisturizer (which I used when using the normal foundation) and go with BB cream alone.

A happy Skinfood's Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF 20 PA user


Whoelses said...

know nothing, clueless non-cosmetic fans. hehehe.. i do apply lotion.. (tu pun hegeh nak komen.. erk!)

Sprinkled! said...

LOL! you ni kan.. your skin is even, no need to wear foundation. me have so much scar & spots, have to la ;)

(#_#) said...

was thinking to buy bbcream too.
but im afraid they'll be like creamy foundation n make me uncomfy to wear it!

but bb cream is like -moisturizer + foundation rite?
no need to use compact anymore ke?

Sprinkled! said...

;) i was not liking liquid foundation until i found this great tip.

yup, it's like foundation with moisturizing properties.

this one has a matte finish, so i don't use loose powder. i don't use compact powder so cannot comment..

Sprinkled! said...


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