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Friday, September 9, 2011

Counting sheep

I don't know why my sleeping pattern becomes erratic these days!  >.<

I was asleep by 9.00pm last night (my hair was still very wet at that time & I refused to blow dry it even though I know I might end up with headache the next morning!  Curse myself: real stubborn cow!!!).  Woke up at 2.00am & realized "ooh!  my room is too bright!" then switch off the lights before I dozed off again.  But only to wake up again at 4something & 6something.  Too much distraction!!!

And now...  man...  I seldom catch the midnight news but I am now watching it while composing this.  I was expecting I will get super sleepy after drinking hot milk at 10.  I want to make hot choc drinks but I am still full (the milk!).

Sheep, sheep, sheep.

One.  Black sheep.

Two.  White sheep.

Three.  Pink sheep.  After kena cukur la!

Four.  White-Black sheep.  More black.

Five.  Black-White sheep.  More white.

Six.  Black & White sheep.  Color distribution almost equal.

Seven.  Pink White sheep.  Kerja-kerja mencukur belum disiapkan.

Eight.  Pink Black sheep.  Same as #7 - shaving is not completed yet.

Aiihhhh...  Still, I am.  Wide awake!!!