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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My love affair

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I love my coffee and regardless how many times my mom reminds me that I should reduce the consumption, I am still drinking it like a fish especially when I am not occupied with anything!

Recently someone’s relative was admitted to the hospital because there was something wrong with her glucose level. That did not alarm me; but the fact that she is very much a heavy coffee drinker (like me!) makes me think. The doctor told her that the caffeine could have contributed to the irregular glucose.

At first I snickered at the idea of linking coffee with diabetes. No way! I protested and suggested that it could be too much of sugar in the drinks. Well, I am taking sugarless coffee (for almost a year) and I thought I am protecting myself from the risk of diabetes. Not so. I referred to few studies on coffee and diabetes (see the links below). I am surprised!

Ooh well, I believe I still can enjoy my coffee (act of self-defense) – if I am taking it moderately.

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