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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kuih Bulan / Mooncake / 月饼

< white flag >
My sister wants me to write something in Dusun / Lunbawang language.  I can't even construct a full sentence.  Failed miserably.
< / white flag >

Anyway, I received 2 mooncakes at work yesterday - a single yolk & a double yolk pure lotus.  If I had known I will get not just one but 2(!!!), I would not buy one for myself last week.  But I should not be complaining about it because I bought a double yolk pure lotus at RM11.20 after a 30% discount.  Bleghhh!!!  I feel like I am becoming more like auntie-auntie because I always look for cheap bargain, even if I have to wait.  But we girls have to be smart right?  ^_____^

< sigh >
Why the week is moving very slow?  It is only Wednesday...
< / sigh >


Whoelses said...

hey, we got it from Starbuck for each emp. Do you blive that?

1. Tiramisu
2. Caramel Macchiato

and an advise for coffe pairing. Would it be nice to have a coffee too.. arrghh..

Sprinkled! said...

so nice?! (:

i still prefer the original flavor (lotus w/ yolk) anyway..

S said...

Gosh I miss mooncakes!! =( And are you from Ba Kelalan?

Sprinkled! said...

(: my mom is from Long Semado. I've never been to Ba'kelalan although I've heard many times about place.

The nerdy me try to calculate the distance between Long Semado & Ba'kelalan but apparently googlemap can't do that..

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