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Monday, January 10, 2011

Goats Milk & Honey from Kinder Soaps

I got my first soap bar from Kinder Soaps after I came back from lunch break today.  It has been awhile since I do online shopping.  Michelle Ho - the owner - processed my purchase really fast.  I paid for it last Friday, and got it today (Monday).  I was expecting it to be delivered tomorrow actually.

Okie.  Let's talk about the soap.  I have been using Johnson's milk bath for more than 10 years mainly because of its subtle scent.  It neither dries nor moisturizes my skin, which is just acceptable for me.  Others like Lux, Palmolive, Dove et cetera are too strongly scented for me.  I like the old trusty Dettol soap but it dries my skin.

Anyway, I sort of stumble upon Kinder Soaps while looking for a natural soap.  I initially want to get Goats Milk & Patchoulli but it was out of stock.  The packaging is simple and fuss-free too.

Do you know that I can use this bar for hair, face and body???  Yes!  But I have gotten use to the routine shampoo-facial cleanser-shower liquid that I only tried it for body wash.

Actually, when I opened the parcel, the ginger smell was quite strong that I started to worry smelling like a gingerbread man!!!  But after the shower, I barely able to sniff the ginger.  My skin also feels moisturized.  ^_____^

The initial verdict?  I'm loving it.  I will miss my milk bath but this one do the job well too!  It moisturizes and it is unscented.

P.S.  Because of its flat-rate postage, I think next time I should buy in bulk...

Updated on 29 April 2011:

After 3 months of using it, I am surprised that I have no more athlete's foot!  I mean I used to try (and still doing) all these prevention methods but I was failed to stop the infection.  Until I changed to this soap!

That is one more reason to enjoy the soapbar!


(#_#) said...

wah, they should give u discount on ur next purchase since u give them a free ad here ;)
is it really good??
love the packaging

Sprinkled! said...

:D actually i got a free sample too, didn't post it bcos haven't try yet.

i'm a weirdo, i don't like girly/feminine/womanly scented shower cream/soap. it must be either unscented/very subtle or smell like dettol. so this one pass my basic requirement.

last time (using johnson's milk) my skin will have white mark when i scratch, but this one don't have. so, extra point for the moisturizing part.


Michelle Ho said...

Hey S, what a nice surprise! :D Stumbled across your blog while searching for Kinder Soaps stuff online. I'm really glad you like your goats milk and honey bar, and thanks for the lovely testimonial. Would you mind if I linked to your blogpost from www.kindersoaps.com?

Sprinkled! said...

hello Michelle, thanks for visiting my blog! ^_____^

yes, sure, you can link it. :)

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